As a Career Counselor, I…

Create personalized and powerful resumes

Inform my clients to make the best decisions in career their path

Provide support for successful career transitions


Career Documents, information and preparation are key to a successful job search: The resume gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job. I create powerful, clear, resumes. I help prepare you for a successful interview with practice questions and preparation.


Looking for a new career path?

Finding a Career Path can be confusing and daunting. I can make the process easier and more successful. I bring clarity and focus to your search, giving you information to make the best decision.

Need a new or better resume?

I listen to you to learn your unique qualities, skills, experiences and successes and showcase those in your resume for hiring managers to easily access.

Need interview preparation?

I provide general interview practice questions as well as questions targeted to a specific job and practice as needed to increase your comfort and success in the interview process.


Schedule a Free Introductory Meeting

I love talking about career counseling. If you have any questions or want to discuss options, please contact me at:

Call me: 408-499-4829

Email me: cathleencarm@gmail.com