Career Counseling

Whether you are looking for a new career path or looking for a new position in your current career, I would like to help. Finding a career path can be confusing and daunting; I can help bring some clarity and focus to your search. Career Documents are a key element of getting interviews; I can help with powerful, clear and focused resume, cover letters and reference lists. The interview is, in the end, what will get you the job offer so it is best to be well prepared for any type of interview; I can help with practice questions and preparation to bring you to interview mastery.


Seeking a New Career Path?

Research has shown that people who are working in occupations that are matched with their interests are the happiest. In addition, it is important to take into consideration one’s life style, personality, background, personal values, and goals. When these individual traits and the job factors are a good match, we find that people are happier, stay at their jobs longer and perform better. We will work together to explore all of the above through the use of assessments, counseling sessions, discussion and self-reflection. My goal is to match the interests, traits, values, life styles and goals of an individual with the factors of a job in a way that allows for the highest level of job satisfaction.


Seeking a New Position?

Creating powerful career documents is important because these documents will be your introduction to prospective employers. The cover letter will lead them to read your resume, the resume will lead them to interview you, and the interview is how you get the job! Mastering the interview process is key to bringing in offers, and it is an activity that most people dread. My process and practice can bring you to a place of comfort in interviews.

I love to talk about career counseling. If you have any questions, please contact me at: / 408-499-4829