We can work on Career Path, Resume and Interview Preparation. You can choose an individual item or a package. All packages are discounted. If the items below are not the best fit for you, we can discuss a creative package just for you.

I look forward to working with you in-person, on the phone, via Zoom,
Skype or FaceTime and/or email. Contact me to schedule an introductory session if you have questions. Services can be purchased using the PayPal links below
or call me for other methods of payment: / 408-499-4829

Introductory Session

Thirty minute session to discuss your career goals and how I can help you reach them.   FREE

Career Path

We will work together using assessments and one-on-one interview to explore and clarify your interests, values, optimal work environment, life style and goals. Matching your information with occupation characteristics will result in a number of options for your consideration.  $300 

Career Documents

Career Documents are your first introduction to a prospective employer and key to getting to the interview. I will create a powerful resume highlighting your skills and successes. I will guide you to create a focused and personal cover letter and relevant reference list.

Resume Simple – $300

For those with 7 or fewer years of experience.

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Resume with Career History – $400

For those with 7 or more years of experience. I will create a Career History Document, including all of your history and a General Resume including the most recent or key experiences from your Career History.

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Resume Targeted– $100

I will use your previously created Career History Document and Job Description to target a resume specifically to a job for which you are applying.

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Career Document Package – $450

Career History Document, General Resume, Targeted Resume, Guidance for Cover Letter and Reference List.

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LinkedIn Profile – $100

Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find and evaluate candidates. It is important in today’s job market to have a clear, comprehensive LinkedIn profile that reflects your current resume.

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Interview Preparation

The interview is your chance to show your prospective employer that you are the right person for the job. The best way to succeed at this is to be well prepared and ready to respond to any question with an answer showcasing your talents and real successes and accomplishments.

General Interview Questions $100

My list of up to date general interview questions to be used to prepare for the interview.

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Interview Targeted Questions $100

I will create a custom list of practice questions specifically for your job description and organization.

Interview Answer Review $100

Interview answers should be crafted to showcase your skills, characteristics, successes and accomplishments. I can help you craft these answers so that you are prepared to show your best side and be focused during the interview.

Interview Practice $100

One hour of one-on-one practice time.

Interview Package $360

General Questions, Custom Questions, Answer Review, One hour of Practice time and my Interview Guidelines.

Career Package – $960

Career Package includes all of the above and to include the following:

  • Career Path
  • Career Documents Package
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Interview Preparation Package

Hourly Career Support – $100

Use this for a simple resume review with suggestions, time to get help or guidance on any career issue or add to any of the above items or packages.

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If you have any questions, or would like to purchase a service, contact me at: / 408-499-4829