To My Clients,

You are the best! It is an honor that you are willing to share your lives, process and time with me. I grow with each experience and enjoy working with each of you tremendously! Your achieving clarity, personal power and success makes my work worthwhile.

All the Best

From my clients:

Cody was quickly offered a position in his newly chosen field:Thank you so much! This is awesome! I had a pleasant time working (with) you and I will absolutely refer you to anyone looking to update/upgrade their resume.

Cody G


Paul was considering a career change:

I initially reached out to Cathleen after a serious health scare prompted thoughts of a possible mid-career change for me.  After our initial discussion, I purchased the Career Path Package.  One of the things that impressed me most was that my results from the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator were not the final results.  The Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs were part of the process that also included interviews and occupational research.  That complete process and the various discussions with Cathleen resulted in a much better result for me than the tests alone would have.  Thanks to Cathleen, I believe I was able to make an informed decision about my new career and am confident that I am heading in the right direction.

Thanks Cathleen!

Paul W, CPA, Type B Financial Planner


Sherrill has found her new niche:

I can’t recommend Cathleen enough to anyone looking to jumpstart their career.  Her knowledge of state-of-the-art job search, big picture insights, thoroughness, and responsiveness have been invaluable to me through this phase of my career.

Sherrill S


Lea is working in the development field that she loves:

Cathleen counseled me from start to finish during a career change and long absence from the working world. During this time, I had focused on child rearing, not resume-worthy work. Consequently, I was not prepared for today’s highly completive job market and the immense technological shift that occurred during my absence. Moreover, I did not know where to start in assessing my skills, abilities and potential. Her careful, supportive guidance led me from utter panic and total intimidation, to becoming an informed job seeker, a confident (interviewee) and ultimately, an employed person with a job and profession (that) feels right. Every step was difficult, seemed impossible in scale and required several small leaps of faith.

Cathleen provided me with the technical, professional and psychological support I needed to determine a career track and build a solid resume. She guided me through the analysis of “Strong” results, “Myers-Briggs”, personality tests, job lists, and one on one interview to arrive at an informed decision. We then weighed the merits of additional education vs. work experience and began preparation for a job search, application process and interview preparation.

The interview preparation was methodical and thorough and is a definite huge strength of Cathleen. We broke down every job description into well defined skill sets, categorized them in order of importance, matched them with my experience, strength and weaknesses, made talking points, success stories and in some cases wrote answers and prompts on color coded index cards. I was prepared when I went into the interview and this eventually led to genuine confidence. Interviews always were de-briefed and analyzed.

The most valuable lesson I learned from being counseled by Cathleen is that when you honestly love your work it benefits others. In Cathleen’s case I had the privilege of working with someone who had found what they were truly meant to do, not something one ordinarily experiences. I greatly benefitted from working with her and successfully found a profession that will serve and inspire me for years to come.

Lea H


Nato is now working in a field that fits his personality and skills:

After 14 years working in the bank industry, I decided it was time for a change but didn’t know which direction to go. Cathleen was able to help me focus on my talents and skills, and after a few sessions with her I decided to pursue a career in hospitality. I have been working in my present hotel job for almost a year and absolutely love it. Thanks to Cathleen’s help, I made a switch in my career and I’m happier for it. Thanks Cathleen for all your help.

Nato F


Nicole now has a satisfying job and is quickly working her way up in sales management:

Cathleen was genuinely concerned helping me find a path that would lead to a career which satisfied all of my needs. She showed professionalism, knowledge and sensitivity to my needs. At the end of our session, I left feeling a new sense of hope for my future, with options I would have never come up with on my own.

Nicole W


Terri found that she was in the right place in the water industry:

I felt comfortable talking to Cathleen and exploring different aspects of myself with her. I came to two important realizations as a result of our work together. I found that there are other career pathways for me. I found that I have a strong interest in photography and have begun to pursue it as a hobby. I am happy to have career options and a new hobby that enhances my personal life.

Terri W


I can say that you are vastly superior as compared to the thousands of ppl I’ve met at expressing compassion, empathy and creating a feeling of understanding.  

And yet you do it in a way that you are still true to yourself.  

You don’t hesitate to clarify your views/positions or to separate them from what I’m saying.  

And yet u reflect back to me that you’re hearing/getting what I’m saying in a deep and caring way.  

Carrie L